zika virus nucleotide

The Zika virus genome consists of a single-stranded positive sense RNA molecule with around 10.7 kb of length with 2 flanking noncoding regions (5' and 3' NCR) and a single long open reading frame encoding a polyprotein: 5'-C-prM-E-NS1-NS2A-NS2B-NS3-NS4A-NS4B-NS5-3'.

In NCBI nucleotide database, there are several whole genome sequence from different strains. Here, we pick one of them as an example. You can click to see each antigen's nucleotide sequence.

Genome from Zika virus strain ZikaSPH2015 has 10676 nucleotides. The GenBank number is KU321639.1.

5'UTR 1..105
CDS 106..10377
mat_peptide 106..480
mat_peptide 478..750
mat_peptide 751..975
/product="membane protein"
mat_peptide 976..2490
/product="envelope protein"
mat_peptide 2491..3576
mat_peptide 3577..4230
mat_peptide 4231..4662
mat_peptide 4663..6471
mat_peptide 6472..6912
mat_peptide 6913..8418
mat_peptide 8419..10374
3'UTR 10378..10676

Zika virus reasearch reagents

--ZIKV-PrM and E

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