Influenza A H5N3

H5N3 is a low-pathogenic avian influenza virus. H5N3 replicates better in chickens than ducks. H5N3 isolates cause lesions in chickens in a variety of organs, but to a greater extent in the respiratory and intestinal tracts. H5N3 was identified in Quebec in August 2005 and in Sweden in October 2005.

Egbert Mundt. Replication and pathogenesis associated with H5N1, H5N2, and H5N3 low-pathogenic avian influenza virus infection in chickens and ducks. Archives of Virology.2009


Reagents of H5N3 by Influenza Antigens

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H5N3 Proteins

  • • H5N3 Hemagglutinin / HA protein

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  • • H5N3 Hemagglutinin / HA antibody

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  • • H5N3 Hemagglutinin / HA cDNA
  • • H5N3 Neuraminidase / NA cDNA

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