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9 May 2014-Ebola virus disease update, West Africa

Ebola virus Infection / Ebola virus Disease Update-News: Guinea

As of 18:00 on 7 May 2014, the Ministry of Health (MOH) of Guinea has reported a cumulative total of 236 clinical cases of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), including 158 deaths. Since the last update of 6 May 2014, there have been two new cases confirmed by ebolavirus PCR and one death among the confirmed cases bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 129, including 84 deaths. Two new suspected cases have also been reported with no new deaths in this group of patients (58 cases, 34 deaths) and no change in the number of probable cases or deaths (49 cases, 40 deaths). As of 7 May, there was one patient in isolation in Conakry and two in Guekedou. The date of isolation of the most recent confirmed case is 26 April in Conakry and 7 May in Guekedou.
The geographical distribution of clinical cases of EVD since the beginning of the outbreak is as follows: Conakry (52* cases, including 24 deaths), Guekedou (151/108), Macenta (22/16), Kissidougou (6/5), Dabola (4/4) and Djingaraye (1/1). There have been no new cases of EVD in Kissidougou since 1 April, Macenta since 9 April, and Conakry since 26 April. In Djingaraye and Dabola, no new cases have been reported since the end of March 2014.
The cumulative total of laboratory confirmed cases and deaths since the beginning of the outbreak is: Conakry (40 cases, including 20 deaths); Guekedou (74/52); Macenta (13/10); Kissidougou (1/1); and Dabola (1/1).

Ebola virus Infection / Ebola virus Disease Update-News: Sierra Leone & Liberia

There have been no new alerts in Liberia or Sierra Leone. Liberia is preparing to host a cross- border meeting with Côte d'Ivoire and Sierra Leone. (Article above quotes from WHO)

Ebola virus Infection / Ebola virus Disease Update-News: Liberia

There has been no change in the epidemiological situation in Liberia. The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOHSW) of Liberia has reported that there are no current alerts of viral haemorrhagic fever (VHF)-like illness in Liberia. Active surveillance activities continue. As of 5 May, 152 contacts have completed 21 days of follow-up and been discharged from medical surveillance.(Article above quotes from WHO)

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