NK Cell Receptor

Natural killer (NK) cells are potent immune effector cells that can respond to infection and cancer, as well as allowing maternal adaptation to pregnancy. To recognize and respond to inflamed or infected tissues, NK cells can express a variety of activating and inhibitory receptors including killer inhibitory receptor (KIR), and killer lectin like receptor (KLR) and natural cytotoxic receptors (NCR). NK cells and their receptors play roles in various facets of transplantation, disease, pregnancy and control of virus infection in human.

Sino Biological offers a range of related reagents including: NKG2D / CD314 / KLRK1, KLRG1, KIR3DL1, KIR2DL4 / CD158D, KIR2DL1 / CD158a, NCR1 / NK-p46, NCR2/NKp44 /CD336, and NCR3 (CD337), etc.