Drug Target for Cancer: EGFR

Drug Targets for Cancer: EGFR and Cancer

Given the functional involvement of EGFR in diverse cellular processes, several approaches have been developed that target and interfere with EGFR mediated effects. Two distinct therapeutic approaches currently employed for targeting EGFR in various human malignancies are the use of monoclonal antibodies and small molecule tyrosine kinase inhibitors. Each of these approaches have distinct mechanism of action; while anti-EGFR antibodies bind to extracellular domains and TK inhibitor target the intra cellular TK domain. Recent studies have indicated the use of various chemopreventive agents in downregulating EGFR at gene level. Furthermore, several studies have substantiated and conferred significant benefits of anti-EGFR agents in several types of solid tumors including colorectal, head and neck cancer, non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and pancreatic cancer in terms of overall survival, progression free survival and overall response rate.

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