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Monoclonal Antibody Gene Synthesis Service

Service: Mab gene synthesis service, guarranteed performance
Required Material : None
Required Information: Antibody VH and VL gene sequence data, constant isotype and sequence
Constant Gene: Mab constant genes from different species, isotypes are available for selection
Deliverable: Synthesized Mab H and L chain genes in commercial cloning vector
Quality Control: Full length gene sequencing
Timeline: 1-2 weeks
Throughput: Hundreds of Mab gene synthesis per week, unlimited capacity

Additional Information on Monoclonal Antibody Gene Synthesis Service

• Monoclonal antibody gene synthesis is typically ordered as part of antibody production service
• Codon optimization is included as part of Mab gene synthesis service
• Synthesized Mab genes can be inserted into a commercial cloning vector and shipped to customer
• Guarranteed service or no payment is due
• Totally risk-free to customer as no upfront payment is needed.

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Monoclonal Antibody Gene Synthesis Service

Monoclonal antibodies have been widely used in life science research, clinical diagnosis, and therapeutic treatment for various diseases. For monoclonal antibodies with known heavy chain and light chain gene or amino acid sequences, one could rapidly synthesize the antibody gene for recombinant production. Prior to gene synthesis, it is usually a good idea to optimize the antibody's gene codon sequence to improve antibody expression yield. With advancement in gene synthesis in the last decade, gene synthesis is becoming a routine and affordable practice. Once the antibody gene is synthesized, one could then use transient transfection technology or stable CHO cell technology for ......... <Learn More>

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