Anti-Hsp27/HSPB1 Magnetic Beads Immunoprecipitation (IP) Kit

Temporarily not available outside of China.

Anti-Hsp27/HSPB1 Magnetic Beads-IP Kit Product Components

Components Storage
Anti-Hsp27/HSPB1 Magnetic Beads1,3 2-8℃ for 12 months
NP40 Cell Lysis Buffer2 -20℃ for 12 months
Alkaline Elution Buffer 2-8℃ for 12 months
Acidity Elution Buffer 2-8℃ for 12 months
Neutralization Buffer 2-8℃ for 12 months

【1】The IP KIT contains anti-Hsp27/HSPB1 magnetic Beads (2 mg/mL) in phosphate buffered saline (PBS, pH 7.4) with sodium azide (0.1%).

【2】Using NP-40 cell lysate buffer in the kit is required,otherwise,the magnetic beads may be precipitated.

【3】Shipping: Magnetic Beads kits are shipped at ambient temperature in which magnetic beads are provided in liquid buffer.

Anti-Hsp27/HSPB1 Magnetic Beads-IP Kit Product Description

The Anti-Hsp27/HSPB1 magnetic Beads, conjugated with Anti-Hsp27/HSPB1 antibody, are used for immuneprecipitation (IP) of Hsp27/HSPB1 proteins which expressed in vitro expression systems. For IP, the beads are added to a sample containing Hsp27/HSPB1 proteins to form a bead-protein complex. The complex is removed from the solution manually using a magnetic separator. The bound Hsp27/HSPB1 proteins are dissociated from the magnetic beads using an elution buffer.

Anti-Hsp27/HSPB1 Magnetic Beads-IP Kit Antibody Information

Anti-Hsp27/HSPB1 Antibody, Rabbit Polyclonal(10351-T60)
Recombinant Human Hsp27 / HSPB1 Protein (Catalog#10351-H08E)
Species Reactivity
Human Hsp27 / HSPB1
Polyclonal Human Rabbit IgG
Produced in rabbits immunized with purified, recombinant Human Hsp27 / HSPB1 (rh Hsp27 / HSPB1; Catalog#10351-H08E; NP_001532.1; Met1-Lys205). Hsp27 / HSPB1 specific IgG was purified by Human Hsp27 / HSPB1 affinity chromatography.
Immunoprecipitation (IP), Minimum Protein Purification

Anti-Hsp27/HSPB1 Magnetic Beads Immunoprecipitation (IP) Kit: Synonyms

Anti-CMT2FALCAM Magnetic Beads-Immunoprecipitatiopn (IP) Kit; Anti-HEL-S-102ALCAM Magnetic Beads-Immunoprecipitatiopn (IP) Kit; Anti-HMN2BALCAM Magnetic Beads-Immunoprecipitatiopn (IP) Kit; Anti-HS.76067ALCAM Magnetic Beads-Immunoprecipitatiopn (IP) Kit; Anti-Hsp25ALCAM Magnetic Beads-Immunoprecipitatiopn (IP) Kit; Anti-HSP27ALCAM Magnetic Beads-Immunoprecipitatiopn (IP) Kit; Anti-HSP28ALCAM Magnetic Beads-Immunoprecipitatiopn (IP) Kit; Anti-SRP27ALCAM Magnetic Beads-Immunoprecipitatiopn (IP) Kit

Hsp27/HSPB1 Background Information

Full Name
heat shock 27kDa protein 1
Research Areas
Related Pathways
  • VEGF Signaling Pathway
    VEGF Signaling Pathway
  • P38 MAPK Signaling Pathway
    P38 MAPK Signaling Pathway
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