Ferritin heavy chain 1 / FTH1 cDNA ORF Clone in Cloning Vector, Human


Ferritin heavy chain 1 / FTH1 cDNA ORF Clone in Cloning Vector, Human: General Information

NCBI Ref Seq
RefSeq ORF Size
552 bp
Sequence Description
Identical with the Gene Bank Ref. ID sequence.
Full length Clone DNA of Human ferritin, heavy polypeptide 1.
Sequencing Primers
SP6 and T7 or M13-47 and RV-M
Quality Control
The plasmid is confirmed by full-length sequencing.
Antibiotic in E.coli
Storage & Shipping
Each tube contains lyophilized plasmid.
The lyophilized plasmid can be stored at ambient temperature for three months.

Ferritin heavy chain 1 / FTH1 cDNA ORF Neucleotide Sequence and Amino Acid Sequence Information

**Sino Biological guarantees 100% sequence accuracy of all synthetic DNA constructs we deliver, but we do not guarantee protein expression in your experimental system. Protein expression is influenced by many factors that may vary between experiments or laboratories.**

Ferritin heavy chain 1 / FTH1 cDNA ORF Clone in Cloning Vector, Human: Alternative Names

FHC cDNA ORF Clone, Human; FTH cDNA ORF Clone, Human; FTHL6 cDNA ORF Clone, Human; HFE5 cDNA ORF Clone, Human; PIG15 cDNA ORF Clone, Human; PLIF cDNA ORF Clone, Human

Ferritin heavy chain 1 / FTH1 Background Information

FTH1 (ferritin, heavy polypeptide 1) is the heavy subunit of ferritin which is the major intracellular iron storage protein in prokaryotes and eukaryotes. It is composed of 24 subunits of the heavy and light ferritin chains. Variation in ferritin subunit composition may affect the rates of iron uptake and release in different tissues. A major function of ferritin is the storage of iron in a soluble and nontoxic state. Defects in ferritin proteins are associated with several neurodegenerative diseases. FTH1 gene has multiple pseudogenes. Several alternatively spliced transcript variants have been observed, but their biological validity has not been determined. FTH1 stores iron in a soluble, non-toxic, readily available form. It is important for iron homeostasis. It has ferroxidase activity. Iron is taken up in the ferrous form and deposited as ferric hydroxides after oxidation. It also plays a role in delivery of iron to cells. FTH1 mediates iron uptake in capsule cells of the developing kidney.
Full Name
ferritin, heavy polypeptide 1
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  • Comparison of exosomes and ferritin protein nanocages for the delivery of membrane protein therapeutics
    Cho, E;Nam, GH;Hong, Y;Kim, YK;Kim, DH;Yang, Y;Kim, IS;
    J Control Release
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