Ephrin Receptor/Eph Receptor

Eph receptors constitute the largest family of tyrosine kinase receptors and mediate critical steps of a wide variety of physiological and pathological processes. They are divided into two groups, EphA receptor and EphB receptor, depending on the types of ligands (ephrins) that they bind. Eph receptors are also cell surface receptors.They are so designated because they are related to Eph, the first receptor described, which was named for its expression in an erythropoietin producing human hepatocellular carcinoma cell line.

In addition, as members of growth factor receptors, Eph/ephrin signaling has recently been identified to play a critical role in the maintenance of several processes during adulthood including long-term potentiation, angiogenesis, and stem cell differentiation and cancer.

Eph Receptor Products List

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EphA1/Eph Receptor A1 EphA2/Eph Receptor A2 EPHA3/Eph Receptor A3
EphA4/Eph Receptor A4 EphA6 / EHK2 / Eph Receptor A6 EphA7/Eph Receptor A7
EphB1/Eph Receptor B1 EphB2/Eph Receptor B2 EphB3/HEK2/Eph Receptor B3
EphB4/Eph Receptor B4 EphB6/Eph Receptor B6  
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