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Zika virus (ZIKV) belongs to the family Flaviviridae, and is related to other viruses that cause human diseases. Individuals infected with Zika virus generate an immune response composed of antibodies which bind to the envelope (E) protein. These anti-E antibodies are critical in protecting individuals from subsequent infection. The N-terminal region of E protein contains three well characterized domains as determined by crystallographic studies which include ED1, EDII and E-DIII. The envelope protein is associated with virulence, tropism, mediation of receptor binding and membrane fusion.

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        Envelope of Zika virus is responsible for receptor binding and membrane. Analysis of the envelope protein of Zika, from Brazilian Zika SPH215 (KU321639), indicates predicted B and T cell epitopes in peptides that are consistent with those reported for dengue, YFYF and Japanese encephalitis. The envelope Domain II B cell epitope, to which much dengue non-neutralizing cross-reaction is attributed, is also conserved also in Zika virus, consistent with prior field observations of cross-reactivity with dengue and YF. Domain III of the Zika envelope protein, likely the main specific neutralizing domain, is distinct from recent Brazilian dengue isolates and a recent Peruvian YF isolate (GQ379163), 76% of possible major histocompatibility complex class (MHC) I and MHC II binding peptides and potential B cell linear epitopes are unique to Zika virus.

        ZIKV Envelope References

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