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TNFSF18 (TNF Superfamily Member 18) is a protein coding gene located on human chromosome 1q25.1. TNFSF18 is also known as TL6, AITRL, GITRL, TNLG2A, and hGITRL. The human TNFSF18 gene encodes a 22724 Da protein containing 199 amino acids. The TNFSF18 protein is broadly expressed in gall bladder, brain and other tissues. Among its related pathways are PEDF Induced Signaling and TNF Superfamily - Human Ligand-Receptor Interactions and their Associated Functions. TNFSF18 is related to signaling receptor binding and tumor necrosis factor receptor binding.

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        TNFSF18 Background

        The protein encoded by this gene is a cytokine that belongs to the tumor necrosis factor (TNF) ligand family. This cytokine is a ligand for receptor TNFRSF18/AITR/GITR. It has been shown to modulate T lymphocyte survival in peripheral tissues. This cytokine is also found to be expressed in endothelial cells, and is thought to be important for interaction between T lymphocytes and endothelial cells.

        TNFSF18 References

        • Liu Y, Tang X, Tian J, et al. Th17/Treg Cells Imbalance and GITRL Profile in Patients with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Nicot C, ed. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 2014;15(12):21674-21686.

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