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S100A16 (S100 Calcium Binding Protein A16) is a protein coding gene located on human chromosome 1q21.3. S100A16 is also known as AAG13, S100F and DT1P1A7. The human S100A16 gene encodes a 11801 Da protein containing 103 amino acids. The S100A16 protein is biasedly expressed in esophagus, skin and other tissues. S100A16 is related to protein homodimerization activity. S100A4 is an important paralog of S100A16 gene. S100A16 is associated with some diseases, including Fibrosarcomatous Osteosarcoma and Febrile Seizures, Familial, 8.

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      S100A16 is a member of S100 protein superfamily that carries calcium-binding EF-hand motifs. S100 proteins are cell- and tissue-specific and are involved in many intra- and extracellular processes through interacting with specific target proteins. S100A16 expression was found to be astrocyte-specific. The S100A16 protein was found to accumulate within nucleoli and to translocate to the cytoplasm in response to Ca(2+) stimulation. The homodimeric structure of human S100A16 in the apo state has been obtained both in the solid state and in solution, resulting in good agreement between the structures with the exception of two loop regions. The homodimeric solution structure of human S100A16 was also calculated in the calcium(II)-bound form. Differently from most S100 proteins, the conformational rearrangement upon calcium binding is minor. Immunoprecipitation analysis revealed that S100A16 could physically interact with tumor suppressor protein p53, also a known inhibitor of adipogenesis. Overexpression or RNA interference-initiated reduction of S100A16 led to the inhibition or activation of the expression of p53-responsive genes, respectively. S100A16 protein is a novel adipogenesis-promoting factor and that increased expression of S100A16 in 3T3-L1 adipocytes can have a negative impact on insulin sensitivity.

      S100A16 References

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