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All Glut4/SLC2A4 reagents are produced in house and quality controlled, including 1 Glut4/SLC2A4 Antibody, 29 Glut4/SLC2A4 Gene, 1 Glut4/SLC2A4 qPCR. All Glut4/SLC2A4 reagents are ready to use.

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    GLUT4 content and its activation as well as SLC2A4 gene expression level are decreased in patients with type 2 diabetes. GLUT4 -coded by SLC2A4 (17p13) is an insulin-sensitive transporter with a critical role in glucose homeostasis and diabetes pathogenesis, preferentially expressed in the adipose tissue, heart muscle and skeletal muscle. We tested the hypothesis that natural selection acted on SLC2A4.

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