GCG/Glucagon Antibodies, cDNA Clones Research Reagents

All GCG/Glucagon reagents are produced in house and quality controlled, including 1 GCG/Glucagon Antibody, 13 GCG/Glucagon Gene, 1 GCG/Glucagon qPCR. All GCG/Glucagon reagents are ready to use.

GCG/Glucagon Antibody (1)

    GCG/Glucagon cDNA Clone (13)


    GCG/Glucagon qPCR Primer (1)

    GCG/Glucagon Background

    Variants in GCG may associate with type 2 diabetes, obesity and/or related metabolic traits. WNT signaling pathway in a pivotal role in regulating pancreas development as well as islet function, insulin production and secretion, GCG is one of the key effectors in the WNT signaling pathway.

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