Control Vectors

Sino Biological Inc. owns nearly 30 kinds of control vectors, covering various tags such as Myc, HA, FLAG, His, GFPSpark® and OFPSpark®, to meet customers' different needs.

Control Vector Product List

Click on the catalog no. to view the control vector details:

Catalog# Tag Product Description
CV001 Untagged pCMV / hygro-Negative Control Vector
CV002 HA-tagged pCMV / hygro-Negative Control Vector
CV003 His-tagged pCMV / hygro-Negative Control Vector
CV004 Myc-tagged pCMV / hygro-Negative Control Vector
CV005 FLAG-tagged pCMV / hygro-Negative Control Vector
CV007 C-terminal Fc-HA tag pCMV / hygro-Positive Control Vector
CV008 C-terminal Fc-His tag pCMV / hygro-Positive Control Vector
CV009 C-terminal Fc-Myc tag pCMV / hygro-Positive Control Vector
CV010 C-terminal Fc-FLAG tag pCMV / hygro-Positive Control Vector
CV011 Untagged  pCMV3-untagged Negative Control Vector
CV012 C-terminal FLAG-tagged pCMV3-C-FLAG Negative Control Vector
CV013 C-terminal HA-tagged pCMV3-C-HA Negative Control Vector
CV014 C-terminal Myc-tagged pCMV3-C-Myc Negative Control Vector
CV015 C-terminal His-tagged pCMV3-C-His Negative Control Vector
CV016 N-terminal FLAG-tagged pCMV3-N-FLAG Negative Control Vector
CV017 N-terminal HA-tagged pCMV3-N-HA Negative Control Vector
CV018 N-terminal Myc-tagged pCMV3-N-Myc Negative Control Vector
CV019 N-terminal His-tagged pCMV3-N-His Negative Control Vector
CV020 N-terminal FLAG-tagged pCMV3-SP-N-FLAG Negative Control Vector
CV021 N-terminal HA-tagged pCMV3-SP-N-HA Negative Control Vector
CV022 N-terminal Myc-tagged pCMV3-SP-N-Myc Negative Control Vector
CV023 N-terminal His-tagged pCMV3-SP-N-His Negative Control Vector
CV024 N-terminal OFPSpark®-tagged pCMV3-N-OFPSpark® Control Vector
CV025 C-terminal OFPSpark®-tagged pCMV3-C-OFPSpark® Control Vector
CV026 C-terminal GFPSpark®-tagged pCMV3-C-GFPSpark® Control Vector
CV027 N-terminal GFPSpark®-tagged pCMV3-N-GFPSpark® Control Vector
LVCV-01 GFPSpark®-tagged GFPSpark® Lentiviral Control Plasmid
LVCV-02 OFPSpark®-tagged OFPSpark® Lentiviral Control Plasmid