Selectins - Cell Adhesion Molecules Regulate the Immune System and Tumor Microenvironment

Selectins are a family of cell adhesion molecules that participate in the early phases of leukocyte–endothelium interactions. They are required for the trafficking of innate immune system cells, T lymphocytes, and platelets.

There are three groups of selectins: L-selectin (CD62L), P-selectin (CD62P), and E-selectin (CD62E). Each interacts with their respective glycoprotein (mucin) ligands on specific tissues. Selectins and their counter receptors/ligands are described in the table below.

Cat# Tissue Distribution Protein Ligands Major Inducers
P-selectin Activated endothelium and platelets PSGL-1, CD24 Thrombin, Histamine, Complement derivatives, Peroxides
E-selectin Activated endothelium PSGL-1, ESL-1, L-Selectin IL-1, TNF-α, LPS
L-selectin Memory lymphocytes, neutrophils, monocytes, macrophages, eosinophils PSGL-1, GlyCAM-1, MAdCAM-1, CD34, Podocalyxin IL-1, TNF-α, LPS, IFN-γ

Selectins are actively involved in constitutive lymphocyte homing, chronic and acute inflammation, and cancer metastasis. Therefore, they are current hot targets for developing therapeutics to treat various diseases, such as sickle cell disease and malignancies. Sino Biological has a panel of high-quality reagents to support the study of selectins and ligands.

Selectins and Ligands

Sino Biological has developed a panel of high activity selectin and ligand proteins from various species to help study the biology of selectins.

Recommended Recombinant Selectins & Ligands Proteins

Cat# Molecule Species Activity Tag
50737-M02H Mouse P-selectin Active C-hFc
50737-M08H Mouse P-selectin Active C-His
80451-R02H Rat P-selectin Active C-hFc
80451-R08H Rat P-selectin   C-His
90170-C02H Rhesus P-selectin   C-hFc
90170-C08H Rhesus P-selectin   C-His
50736-M02H Mouse E-selectin Active C-hFc
50736-M08H Mouse E-selectin Active C-His
50736-MNAH Mouse E-selectin   Native
80033-R02H Rat E-selectin Active C-hFc
80033-R08H Rat E-selectin Active C-His
90169-C02H Cynomolgus E-selectin Active C-hFc
90169-C08H Cynomolgus E-selectin   C-His
11838-H08C Human L-selectin   C-His
50045-M03H Mouse L-selectin Active C-hFc & His
50045-M08H Mouse L-selectin   C-His
80046-R08H Rat L-selectin   C-His
90168-C02H Cynomolgus L-selectin Active C-hFc
90168-C08H Cynomolgus L-selectin   C-His
50770-M02H Mouse PSGL-1   C-hFc
50770-MCCH Mouse PSGL-1   C-cleavage

Selectin/Ligand Antibodies

Sino Biological has developed a comprehensive panel of antibodies targeting selectins and ligands, which can be used in FCM, ELISA, WB, and IP. Human, mouse, and rat selectin ELISA kits and ELISA pair sets are also available.

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