IL-6: A Pivotal Pleiotropic Inflammatory Cytokine

IL-6 is a pleiotropic cytokine. Elevated IL-6 is observed in patients with microbial infections and other inflammatory conditions. The serum level of IL-6 is often correlated with the severity of the inflammation.

The pro-inflammatory function of IL-6 is regulated by a trans-signaling process involving soluble IL-6R (sIL-6R) and gp130 receptor. The production of sIL6R is activated by IL-1beta and TNF-alpha. These two pro-inflammatory cytokines induce the proteolytic cleavage of IL-6R by activating ADAM10 and ADAM17.

Unlike most other soluble receptors (e.g. IL-1RA and IL-18BP), sIL-6R is NOT an inhibitor of IL-6. Instead, it activates IL-6 signaling by forming a complex with IL-6 and gp130. 10398-h08h
Human IL-6R (cat#: 10398-H08H) enhanced the IL-6 activity on M1 mouse myeloid leukemia cells. The ED50 is typically 20-80 ng/mL.

In addition, IL-6 can transduce its signal through membrane-bound IL-6R. This signal transduction also requires gp130 to be the co-receptor.

Bioactive Recombinant IL-6 from Multiple Species

Species Cat# Activity Validated
Human 10395-HNAE Bind to Human IL-6R
Cell proliferation
Mouse 50136-MNAE Cell proliferation
Rat 80076-RNAE Cell proliferation
Rhesus 90197-CNAE Cell proliferation
Sus scrofa (Pig) 62006-WNAE Bind to Human IL-6R
Cell Proliferation Assay Using TF-1 Human Erythroleukemic Cells.  (cat#: 10395-HNAE)

Recombinant Membrane-bound IL-6 Receptor: IL-6R

IL-6 demonstrates limited cross-species bioactivity. Human IL-6 can bind to both human and mouse IL-6R, but mouse IL-6 can only bind to mouse IL-6R.

Human IL-6 Receptor 10398-H08H
Mouse IL-6 Receptor 50280-M08H
Rat IL-6 Receptor 81072-R08H
Canine IL-6 Receptor 70117-D08H
Rhesus IL-6 Receptor 90324-C08H

ELISA Detection Pairs: IL-6 and IL-6R

Sino Biological has developed high sensitivity ELISA antibody pairs for detection of IL-6 and IL-6R.

Target Carture Antibody Detection Antibody
IL-6 10395-MM14 10395-MM72
IL-6R 50280-R033 polyclonal antibody

Neutralization Antibodies: IL-6 and IL-6R

IL-6 Neutralizing Antibody
(Cat#: 10395-R508)
IL-6 Neutralizing Antibody
Neutralize IL-6 induced proliferation in the T1165 mouse plasmacytoma cells. The IC50 is typically 80-320ng/mL
IL-6R Neutralizing Antibody
(Cat#: 10398-MM08)
IL-6R Neutralizing Antibody
IL-6-dependent Inhibition of cell proliferation is neutralized by Human IL-6R neutralizing Monoclonal Antibody. The IC50 is typically 0.15-0.6 μg/mL.

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