IL-1 Family:

Mediators of Innate Immunity and Inflammation

In 1985, two distinct forms of IL-1, IL-1α and IL-1β, were reported to be isolated from a macrophage cDNA library. Since then, the IL-1 family has continued to expand so that it has 11 members now. Unlike other cytokine family, the Interleukin-1 (IL-1) family primarily plays important roles in innate immunity, activating and regulating inflammation in response to injury or infection.

Based on the length of the N-term pro-pieces, the members of IL-1 family can be classified into 3 subfamilies: IL-1 subfamily (IL-1α, IL-1β and IL-33, IL-1Ra), IL-18 subfamily (IL-18 and IL-37), and IL-36 subfamily (IL-36α, IL-36β, IL-36γ, and IL-38).

List of IL-1 Family Members and Receptors

Category Cytokine Receptor Co-receptor
IL-1 subfamily IL-1α Pro IL-1R1IL-1R2 IL-1RAcP
IL-1β Pro
IL-33 Pro ST2
IL-1Ra Anti IL-1R1 _
IL-18 subfamily IL-18 Pro IL-18Rα IL-18Rβ
IL-36 subfamily IL-36α Pro IL-1Rrp2 IL-1RAcP
IL-36β Pro
IL-36γ Pro
IL-38 Anti _
IL-36Ra Anti _

Pro: Pro-inflammatory cytokine; Anti : Anti-inflammatory cytokine.

IL-1 family cytokines bind to their cognate cell surface receptors and initiate signaling. IL-1, IL-33 and IL-36 bind specific receptors, IL-1R1, ST2, and IL-1Rrp2 respectively. They use IL1RAcP as a co-receptor. The formed complexes trigger intracellular signaling cascades. IL-1 family signal transduction is an important part of the inflammatory response, and ultimately helps to coordinate innate and adaptive immunity to fight against a variety of pathogens. However, abnormal signaling in these systems can lead to autoinflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases and cancers. Scientists are working together to solve these problems and several inhibitors of IL-1 signaling have been clinically approved, such as Anakinra (recombinant IL-1Ra), Gevokizumab (anti-IL-1β mAb).

To accelerate your inflammation and signaling research, Sino Biological provides a large panel of IL-1 family related reagents, covering recombinant proteins, antibodies and ELISA Kits.

Recombinant IL-1 Family Cytokines

Sino Biological has developed bioactive recombinant proteins for cell based assays. These proteins cover various species, such as human, mouse, rabbit and Sus scrofa (Pig).

Featured Protein: Mature Human IL-1 beta

Cat#: 10139-HNAE
Product Name: Human IL-1 beta Protein
Expression Host: E. coli
Purity: > 95% by SDS-PAGE
Formulation: Lyophilized from sterile PBS, pH 7.4

Binds Human IL1R2 Protein,
Fc Tag (Cat#: 10111-H02H), KD=6.0 nM.

  • > 95% by SEC-HPLC

  • Binds Human IL1R2 hFc
    (Cat#: 10111-H02H)

  • Induces IFN-γ secretion

Bioactivity Validated by Cell Based Assays

  • Human IL-18 Protein (Cat#: 10119-HNCE)

    Induces IFN-γ secretion by KG-1 human myelomonocyte.
  • Mouse IL-1 beta Protein (Cat#: 50101-MNAE)

    Induces Interferon-γ secretion by human natural killer lymphoma NK-92 cells.
  • Human IL-36α Protein (Cat#: 10607-HNAE)

    Induces IL8 secretion in A431 human epithelial carcinoma cells.
  • Human IL36Ra Protein (Cat#: 10125-HNAE)

    Inhibits IL36α-induced IL8 secretion in A431 human epithelial carcinoma cells.

Partial List of Recombinant IL-1 Family Cytokines

Note: H: Human; R: Rat; Ra: Rabbit; P: Sus scrofa (Pig); M: Mouse; C: Canine; Rh: Rhesus; Cy: Cynomolgus.

ELISA Detection of IL-1 Family Cytokines

Sandwich ELISA is a common technique to detect and quantify IL-1 family cytokines in samples. For your IL-1 family cytokine research, Sino Biological offers two different ELISA detection products: ELISA Kits and Matched ELISA Antibody Pairs.

List of ELISA Kits

ELISA Kits are ready-to-use immunoassay kits that contain all the reagents needed to perform an ELISA, including a 96-well microplate coated with capture antibody, detection antibody, standard, buffers and color reagents.

  • Mouse IL-1α ELISA Kit

    Cat#: KIT50114
    Sample: Serum, Cell supernatant
  • Human IL-18 ELISA Kit

    Cat#: KIT10119
    Sample: Serum
  • Mouse IL-18 ELISA Kit

    Cat#: KIT50073
    Sample: Serum

List of Matched ELISA Antibody Pairs

Matched ELISA Antibody Pairs are cost-effective alternatives to ELISA Kits. Each set of our Matched ELISA Antibody Pairs is fully validated and contains a recombinant protein standard, capture antibody and detection antibody.

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