Byproducts from Biotherapeutics Production

Host cell proteins (HCPs) are impurities introduced during the production of cell-based biotherapeutics, including recombinant proteins and antibodies. Excessive amount of residual HCPs may severely compromise the safety and efficacy of the product in different ways. Most notably, HCP is known to elicit unwanted immune response against the drug. There is a critical demand in assays and reagents for the detection and quantification of HCPs.

Chinese Hamster Ovarian (CHO) cell is the most commonly used host organism for the production of recombinant bio-therapeutic products. CHO cells naturally express many types of HCPs, the majority of which can be easily cleaned up during the purification process. But there are a handful of HCP, most notably the lipases, that can be hard eliminate.

Sino Biological has developed high purity recombinant lipases, including Chinese hamster PLBD2, PLA2, and LPL (coming soon) proteins. Most of these proteins are produced in CHO cells for authentic assembly and PTM, and can be used as reference materials for HCP assays.

High Purity Recombinant HCPs

PLBD2 ( Cat#: 5A7664-A08C ) PLA2G15 ( Cat#: 5A7663-A08C )

List of HCPs

Cat# Species Protein
5A7663-A08C Chinese hamster PLA2G15
5A7664-A08C Chinese hamster PLBD2
5A7666-A08C Chinese hamster CTSD
5A7667-A08C Chinese hamster CLU
5A7668-A08C Chinese hamster LPL
5A7669-A08C Chinese hamster TIMP1

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