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      14‑3‑3/YWHAQ Background

      The recently identified 14-3-3 tau, whose corresponding gene name is YWHAQ, is in a hypoxia-treated human trophoblast cell line. YWHAQ may play a role in epigenetic regulation of placental genes in the onset of Preeclampsia (PE). Moreover, there was a closer relationship between blood pressure and methylation levels of the YWHAQ promoter.

      14‑3‑3/YWHAQ References

      • Cheng Y, et al. (2010) Effect of 14-3-3 tau protein on differentiation in BeWo choriocarcinoma cells. Placenta. 31(1): 60-6.
      • Umahara T, et al. (2010) 14-3-3 proteins and spinocerebellar ataxia type 1: from molecular interaction to human neuropathology. Cerebellum. 9(2): 183-9.
      • Wang B, et al. (2004) A role for 14-3-3 tau in E2F1 stabilization and DNA damage-induced apoptosis. J Biol Chem. 279(52): 54140-52.

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