Protein Production Services

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* 3000+ Recombinant Proteins on Shelf
Protein production by stable CHO cell culture
Protein production by transient transfection (HEK293 & CHO)
Protein production by yeast cell fermentation
Protein production by insect cell culture (baculovirus expression)
Protein production by E. Coli fermentation, soluble expression
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   Experience & Capacity in Recombinant Protein Production
  • Production and purification of >4000 protein bulks in house
  • Most experienced protein expression and purification team
  • >70 stirred-tank bioreactors, >30 purification systems
  • Produce over 1000 new proteins at bulk quantities per year

US, A Biotech Company in Philadelphia:Thanks, that's great. By the way your recombinant RSVF protein works very well in biosensor experiments. It binds Synagis.