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Customer feedback

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The following comes from customer feedback, customer information withheld.

Product evaluation


Sweden, University Researcher:Here is the data about the Ago2 protein I got from you. I am very glad to say that it is highly active, performs very good in in vitro assays and is also stable at 4C for at least for 2 weeks when tested its enzymatic activity. For sure I will recommend it to other researchers as well… , put the image on your website. It would be great to show how good product you guys have made :)


US, A Biotech Company in Philadelphia:Thanks, that's great. By the way your recombinant RSVF protein works very well in biosensor experiments. It binds Synagis. 


UK, University researcher:I have recently bought some human BACE1 from you and was so impressed with both the price and quality of this that I had Sino Biological Inc added to the list of registered suppliers at the University .


Norway, University researcher: I am very happy with the recombinant HER2 I ordered from you (under follows our mail correspondence regarding HER2), and I would like to get another two proteins from you…


Germany, Pharma company:We ordered ErbB2 (No 10004-H02H) from you two month ago. We're quite satisfied with the product. Therefore I would like to know what the price for 500 µg or 1 mg of ErbB2 would be.


Swiss, biotech company:We have tested in our assay the FAP protein and it looks good. So we would like to order 1 mg with the offer you mentioned. I am faxing you the order right away.


UK, pharma company: We have assayed the material we purchased (PDB4B2), it is active and shows the expected pharmacology. In fact it is so active that we currently do not need any further material.

Service evaluation

– Pharma 1: A very happy customer has something good to say about your services!! Yes, the virus results negative and the endotox confirmed as being ULTRA-LOW in house. Similar % POI by analytical SEC too. Also I thought the timelines were pretty good - so a good experience. Thank you for coordinating it all, the project team appreciates it greatly. Again thank you for a great job!!

– Pharma 2: Thanks so much for your support. We are very happy with the relationship we have with you and we look forward to continue to expand our partnership with you.

– Pharma 3: The antibody material you produced fulfill all our expected criteria and will soon be tested in several animal models. To all of you - thank you again for excellent service and great cooperation.