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Antibody Production Services

Sino Biological Inc.       Your Centralized Protein / Antibody Development / Production Lab

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  • Sino Biological Inc. offers full services for recombinant protein production using E. coli expression technologies. We have extensive experience and in-house expertise in expressing recombinant proteins as soluble proteins, inclusion bodies, or fusion proteins. For inclusion bodies, we have a sophisticated high-throughput buffer screening system for selecting appropriate refolding conditions.
  • Sino Biological has multiple large-scale fermentors and downstream purification systems capable of 100 gram scale production. We have been continuously expanding capacity to ensure no lead time for any customer project.
  • We have successfully expressed and purified recombinant proteins with our E. coli expression technology at 20-100gram scales. We have also produced some difficult-to-refold proteins at high purity and high bioactivity. These proteins include BMP2, EGF, and C5a.
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  • Email: cro-service@sinobiological.com
  • Fax:    +86-10-5102-9969

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