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Sino Biological 9th Anniversary

Sales Promotion
21% off for ELISA Kits &ELISA Pair Sets、Antibody Purification resins、Magnetic Beads Immunoprecipitation KIT .
During promotion time, each order will get an amazing gift.
Apply for samples
Sum of samples: 100pcs! (200ml for each sample) We'll choose the first 100 applications. How to apply: Email to Promotion-feedback@sinobilogical.cn with information as below. Company Name、Administrative office/department name、Name、Contact number、 Address、Notice.
Please write the Subject name like this: Anti-DYKDDDK Affinity Resin sample.
Target Protein Species Sample Assay Range(pg/mL) Catalog
HIV-1 p24 / Capsid Protein p24 HIV-1 Recombinant Protein 15.63-1000 KIT11695
DKK3 Mouse Serum 18.75-1200 KIT50247
IL6 / IL-6 Human Cell Culture Supernates 18.75-1200 KIT10395
Influenza A H1N1 (A/Puerto Rico/8/1934) HA H1N1 Recombinant Protein 46.88-3000 KIT11684
CD200 Human Recombinant Protein 62.5-4000 KIT10886
C1 inhibitor / SerpinG1 Human Serum 156.25-10000 KIT10995
HIV-1 gp120 / Glycoprotein 120 HIV Recombinant Protein 62.5-4000 KIT11233
EGFR / HER1 / ErbB1 Human Serum 15.63-1000 KIT10001
HER2 / ErbB2 Human Serum 62.5-4000 KIT10004
CHL1 / LICAM2 / CALL Human Serum 46.88-3000 KIT10143
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ELISA Pair Set
Target Protein Species Assay Range (pg/ml) Catalog
Vitronectin / VTN  Human 28.13 SEK10424
CD171 / N-CAML1 / L1CAM Human 47 SEK10140
MMP-9 / CLG4B / MMP9 Human 31.25 SEK10327
CD83 Human 3.9 SEK11763
PCSK9 Mouse 62.5 SEK50251
EGFR / HER1 / ErbB1 Human 15.6 SEK10001
CEACAM6 / CD66c Human 15.6 SEK10823
ICOS Ligand / B7-H2 / ICOSLG Human 62.5 SEK11559
REG1B Human 3.13 SEK11638
IL13RA1 / IL-13RA1 Mouse 15.63 SEK50088
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Magnetic Beads IP kit
Product Name Catalog
Immunoprecipitation/IP Kit- Myc Tag Immunomagnetic Beads TB100029-1
Immunoprecipitation/IP Kit- HA Tag Immunomagnetic Beads TB100028-1
Immunoprecipitation/IP Kit- DYKDDDDK (FLAG® epitope Tag) Tag Immunomagnetic Beads TB101274-1
Immunoprecipitation/IP Kit- GFP Tag Immunomagnetic Beads TB13105-1
Immunoprecipitation/IP Kit- V5 Tag Immunomagnetic Beads TB100378-1
Immunoprecipitation/IP Kit- GST Tag Immunomagnetic Beads TB11213-1
Immunoprecipitation Kit -Immunomagnetic Beads Protein A BA10600-1
Immunoprecipitation Kit -Immunomagnetic Beads Protein G BG13103-1
Immunoprecipitation Kit -Immunomagnetic Beads Protein L BL11044-1
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Antibody Purification
Product Name Catalog Application
Protein A Agarose Beads / Resin 10600-P07E-RN It is useful for purification of Fc region antibodies or fusion proteins.
Protein G Agarose Beads / Resin 13103-PNAE-RN It is useful for purification of Fc region antibodies or fusion proteins.
Protein L Agarose Beads / Resin 11044-H07E-RN It is useful for purification of light chain(kappa) antibodies
Anti-DYKDDDDK Affinity Resin 101274-MM13-RN It is useful for purification or immunoprecipitation of DYKDDDDK-tag fusion proteins.
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Rules and Regulations:
  • • Promotion time:2016.3.7~2016.4.30
  • • Products in this promotion need 3-7 days for processing.
  • • Please provide the Promotion Codes and Catalog numbers while ordering.
  • • For specific items please log in www.sinobiological.com
  • • Sino Biological Inc reserves the right of final explanation and revision for the terms

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