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cDNA ORF Clone

Sino Biological Inc. offer a variety of cDNA ORF clones to meet the diversified needs of the worldwide researchers. All of our cDNA and ORF clones are full-length sequence to guarantee high quality products.


20,000+ cDNA clones in stock
Multiple species: Human, mouse, rat, monkey, canine, ferret and viruses.
Most Comprehensive influenza virus,coverage for 60 subtypes, 160 strains, e.g.H7N9,H5N1. Supply MERS COV,HCV,RSV,HCov cDNA clones
Full length sequence confirmation

cDNA ORF Clone Select Guide

  cDNA Clone Expression-ready ORF Clone Lentiviral ORF Clone
Sequence confirmed Yes Yes Yes
Expression validated No Yes No
Expression host / mammalian cell mammalian cell
Vector pMD18-T/pGEM-T/pUC19 pCMV/pCMV3-Vectors pLV-Vectors
Tag / untagged、N-/C-Flag/HA/His/Myc/GFPSpark/OFPSpark untagged、N-/C-Flag/HA/His/Myc/GFPSpark/OFPSpark
Application PCR template;
Real-Time PCR template;
Gene function research
Protein overexpression;
Protein detection and purification;
Subcellular location;
Stable cell line construction
Lentivirus generation ;
Protein overexpression;
Stable cell line construction
Unique features Ultra Low-cost Expression Validated Transduce dividing and nondividing cells, primary cell cultures, stem cells, and neurons with high efficiency

cDNA ORF Clone Quality Control Standards

Each cDNA clone has been subject to multiple quality control,only for you to provide the high-quality and ready-to-use plasmid.

  • •  Each cDNA clone has full length DNA sequenceing twice: guarantee the sequence accuracy
  • •  Spectrophotometric detection and agarose electrophoresis: A260/A280 is 1.8~2.0,guarantee the purity of plasmid.
  • •  Plasmid PCR assay: to identify the length of targent gene and eliminate contaminants.

Specific References of cDNA ORF Clone Products

Institution Gene Catalog No. Title Journal
Georgia Regents University, etc. ISL1 HG13122-G DNMT1 is essential for mammary and cancer stem cell maintenance and tumorigenesis Nat Commun
Swiss Federal
Institute of Technology
IL9 MG51302-G Glycosylation profiles determine extravasation and disease-targeting properties of armed antibodies Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center,etc. SMAD3 MG50991-UT TGFβ signaling inhibits goblet cell differentiation via SPDEF in conjunctival epithelium Development
INRS-Institut-Armand-Frappier BMP-4 HG10609-CF Bone morphogenetic protein 4 (BMP-4) and epidermal growth factor (EGF) inhibit metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9) expression in cancer cells Oncoscience
Jinling Hospital, School of Medicine, Nanjing University GSK3b HG10044-M MicroRNA-451 induces epithelial–mesenchymal transition in docetaxel-resistant lung adenocarcinoma cells by targeting proto-oncogene c-Myc European Journal of Cancer
The Johns Hopkins University,etc. furin HG10141-M Preparation and properties of a papillomavirus infectious intermediate and its utility for neutralization studies Virology

cDNA ORF Clone Related Product

cDNA Clone Expression-ready ORF Clone Lentiviral ORF Clone
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