Hybridoma Cell Culture And Antibody Production Service

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Hybridoma Cell Culture And Antibody Production Service Introduction

Compared with the ascites method for production of mAb, hybridoma cells can be cultured and purified in vitro, which has the advantages of high purity, high batch-to-batch reproducibility, less impurity and no animal virus contamination. Sino Biological provides hybridoma cell culture and antibody production services which can use low-serum or serum-free media for high-density culture in vitro and reduce bovine IgG contamination. And it has been a preferred option for domestic and foreign customers to produce antibodies using hybridoma cells.

Hybridoma Cell Culture And Antibody Production Service Advantages

> 200 hybridoma cultures and antibody production experience, success rate >99%
The scale of production ranges from milligrams to grams, meet the demands of different customers experiments
Rich experience on the production of various antibody subtypes including IgG1, IgG2a, IgG2b, IgM, etc.
The high quality culture medium produced in house can meet the need of high density culture, increase yield and reduce cost
Optimize culture and purification process to ensure the rapid and efficient purification of antibodies

Hybridoma Cell Culture And Antibody Production Service Process

Description Timeline Deliverables
Cell recovery 1-2 days • Purified antibody
• SDS-PAGE data
• CoA
• Cell recovery and cell counting
Adaptation 4-6 weeks
• Cells adaption into serum-free or low-serum growth
• Fed-batch process development
Production & purification 6-10 weeks
• Appropriate scale hybridoma cell culture
• Purification of the antibody by protein A / G affinity column
QC analysis 3 days
• Analysis by SDS-PAGE and UV

In this hybridoma cell culture antibody production service, customers need to provide:

1. Provide at least 2 tubes of frozen hybridoma cells or two T25 of living cells, number of cells >1 x 10^6
2. Provide the information of antibody subtypes