Hybridoma Antibody Gene Sequencing Service

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Hybridoma Antibody Gene Sequencing Service Introduction

During preservation, hybridoma cells may lost antibody genes, or difficult to be recovered, or even dead, which will affect antibody production. In order to preserve and stably produce excellent antibodies for long time, antibody genes in hybridoma cells can be extracted and sequenced. Nucleotide sequences are obtained and stored as DNA for recombinant expression and production at any time.

The hybridoma antibody gene sequencing service provided by Sino Biological not only can quickly obtain the mAb gene, but also can use its advanced codon optimization and gene synthesis strategies to engineer the expression and purification of the antibody.

Hybridoma Antibody Gene Sequencing Service Advantages

Cloning of heavy- and light- chain variable region gene of mAb or antibody full-length gene
Rich experience on primer design and antibody gene analysis
Multiple species (human, mouse, rat, rabbit, etc.) and subtypes (IgG1, IgG2a, IgG2b, IgM, etc.) can be used for antibody gene sequencing
One-stop service from antigen production - antibody development - hybridoma antibody gene sequencing - chimeric antibody production to humanized antibody development etc.

Hybridoma Antibody Gene Sequencing Service Process

Description Timeline Deliverables
Hybridoma Sequencing Service 3-4 weeks • Antibody heavy and light chain sequences
• Vectors containing heavy and light chain, respectively
• RNA extraction
• Reverse transcription
• PCR amplification of heavy and light chains
• Sequencing
• Vector construction

In this hybridoma antibody gene sequencing service, customers need to provide:

1. Number of cells >1×10^6 or cells treated with Trizol by following steps:
    • a. The cells and supernatant are blown, number of cells >1×10^6, cells are live and in good condition.
    • b. Cells are centrifuged, and then discard the supernatant, 1-2 ml Trizol (1×10^6 add 1 mL, 5×10^6-10^7 add 2 mL, 1×10^8 add 3 mL) is added according to the amount of cells. Store at -80°C and prepare for RNA extraction.
2. Provide the information of antibody subtypes
3. Species and sources of hybridoma cells