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Gene Mutagenesis Service

Service: Mutagenesis on native genes or synthetic genes, point mutation or
an array of mutations
Required Material : Original gene plasmid if not cloned or synthesized by Sino Biological
Required Information: Original gene sequence and required mutagenesis modification
Quality Control Full length gene sequence confirmation
Deliverable Modified gene inserted into a commercial vector
Timeline: 3-12 weeks depending on the size of the gene and number of mutations
Price Quote: Lowest price, inquiry on-line or e-mail us.

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Gene Mutagenesis Service

Protein gene mutagenesis has become practiced in life science research. For example, point mutation is a powerful tool to modify protein structure and to study protein function. Alanine scanning is often used to confirm antibody's binding epitope. To produce multiple variants of the same protein, gene mutagenesis is the most economical method.

Sino Biological has gained many years of experience on protein gene mutagenesis. In cloning over ten thousands of genes, we often need to modify the gene DNA sequence ......... <Learn More>

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