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Diagram of Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry Introduction

Flow cytometry is a widely used method for analyzing the expression of cell surface and intracellular molecules, characterizing and defining different cell types in a heterogeneous cell population, assessing the purity of isolated subpopulations and analyzing cell size and volume. It allows simultaneous multi-parameter analysis of single cells.

It is predominantly used to measure fluorescence intensity produced by fluorescent-labeled antibodies detecting proteins, or ligands that bind to specific cell-associated molecules such as propidium iodide binding to DNA.

The staining procedure involves making a single-cell suspension from cell culture or tissue samples. The cells are then incubated in tubes or microtiter plates with unlabeled or fluorochrome-labeled antibodies and analyzed on the flow cytometer.

Flow Cytometry Protocol


Recommendations for Background Control

• Unlabeled cells as blank control
• Single color and FMO control
• Isotype control
• Negative cells control


Fluorochrome Selection

• Excitation and Emission
• Fluorochrome Selection

Flow Cytometry Tips

• Sample preparation
• Fluorescence staining


Flow Cytometry FAQ

• What fluorochromes can I use?
• What controls do I need?
• Do the cells need to be permeabilized?
• Do the samples need to be fixed?

Flow Cytometry PPT

• Introduction to Flow Cytometry
• Flow Cytometry Basic Training
• Principles and Application of Flow Cytometry


Flow Cytometry Troubleshooting

• No Staining
• Weak Staining
• Nonspecific Staining
• Unexpected Staining

Flow Cytometry (FCM) / FACS Antibody
Flow Cytometry (FCM) / FACS Antibody Features+
- Verified by Multiple Cell Samples
- Verified by Antigen Blocking
- Verified by Non-conjugated Antibody Blocking
- Verified by Fc Receptor Blocking
- Comparable with Classic Clone
- Antibody Verified by WB, IF and IHC
- Excellent Performance in Sensitivity
- Verified Stability
Flow Cytometry (FCM) / FACS Products Center+
- Choose Antibody for Flow Cytometry (FCM) / FACS
- Nature of Sample
- Species of Sample
- Antibody Host & Clone
- Secondary Antibody
- Dual Staining
- Fluorochrome Selection
- Hot Target Product
- Human Target Antibody
- Mouse Target Antibody
- Rat & Others Target Antibody
- Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody
- Mouse Monoclonal Antibody
- Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody
- Flow Cytometry (FCM) /FACS | Research Area
- CD Molecular
- Biomarker
- Biological Target
- Diagnostic
- Cancer
- Receptor
- Cytokine
- Interleukin
- Stem Cell
- FITC Labeled Antibody
- PE Conjugated Antibody
- APC Conjugated Antibody
- PerCP Conjugated Antibody
- Non-Conjugated Antibody
Flow Cytometry (FCM) / FACS Technology Center+
- Flow Cytometry (FCM) /FACS Introduction
- Flow Cytometry (FCM) /FACS Protocol
- Flow Cytometry (FCM) /FACS | Tips
- Flow Cytometry (FCM) /FACS | FAQ
- Flow Cytometry (FCM) /FACS | PPT
- Flow Cytometry (FCM) /FACS | Troubleshooting