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Custom Recombinant Protein Production Service Features

Over 10 years' experience for 6000+ recombinant proteins production.
One-stop service from gene synthesis and vector construction to protein expression and purification.
Multiple protein expression systems: bacterial, yeast, baculovirus-insect and mammalian expression system.
Multiple purification systems (30+) to choose.
High R & D ability with over 1000 new proteins per year and quick problem-solving ability.
Close to 100 bioreactors with various volume between 2-1000 L to guarantee high-throughput and large-scale production.

Custom Recombinant Protein Production Service Advantages

High-efficiency expression vectors
High cell density culturing
Proprietary medium formulation
>6000 proteins expression and purification experience
Inclusion body refolding & soluble expression
Protein biopharmaceutical technology

Recombinant Protein Production Service Introduction

E.coli expression service


  • • Over 10 years' experience of protein expression
  • • Multiple protein purification and refolding technologies
  • • High-throughput and large-scale protein expression and production
  • • One-stop service from gene to purified protein
  • • Multiple expression vectors and E.coli cells to meet various expression needs

HEK293 / CHO transient expression


  • • High-efficiency expression vectors
  • • Optimized mammalian expression systems
  • • High-throughput and large-scale production
  • • High yield expression with post-translational modification and correct folding
  • • One-stop service from gene sequence to purified protein

Yeast expression service


  • • Over 10 years' experience of protein expression
  • • One-stop service from gene to purified protein
  • • Efficient expression vectors with high yield
  • • High-throughput and large-scale protein production

Baculovirus-insect expression service


  • • High-efficiency expression of intracellular and extracellular proteins
  • • Multiple insect cells: Sf9,Sf21,Hi-5
  • • High-throughput and large-scale protein production
  • • Optimized expression vectors and higher-titre virus packaging

CHO / HEK293 stable cell line development service


  • • Abundant stable cell line development experience
  • • Effectively increase stable cell line productivity and improve experimental results
  • • Integrating all the experimental steps, we provide one-stop service from gene sequence to delivered stable cell line.

Recombinant Protein Production Systems Reference

Categories E.coli Yeast Baculovirus-insect Mammalian
Expression systems protokaryon eukaryon eukaryon eukaryon
Advantages • economical
• quick
• high production
• broad application
• economical
• quick
• high yield
• partial PTM
• large gene capacity
• soluble protein
• suitable for toxic proteins
• PTM similar to mammalian system
• soluble protein
• lower endotoxin
• better bioactivity
• better PTM
• transient & stable expression
Disadvantages • inclusion body
• without PTM
• hard to express large protein
• non-human glycosylation
• high mannose modification
• long cycle
• high cost
• partially lack of glycosylation
• long cycle
• high cost
Application recommendations • bacterial protein
• antigen protein
• cytokine
• enzyme
• cytokine
• small protein
• enzyme
• cytoplasmic protein
• toxic protein
• transmembrane protein
• secretory protein
• kinase
• secretory protein
• extracellular domain of transmembrane protein
• recombinant antibody
• antibody fragment