Bispecific Antibody Production Service

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Bispecific Antibody Production Service Features

A bispecific antibody is an artificial antibody containing two kinds of specific antigen binding sites and can establish a bridge between target cells and functional molecules (cells) to stimulate a directed immune response. It is a genetically engineered antibody, which has become a hot spot in the field of antibody engineering, and has a broad application prospect in tumor immunotherapy. Based on the optimized mature mammalian cell expression platform, Sino Biological can provide you with fast and efficient bispecific antibody expression service.

Bispecific Antibody Production Service Highlights

Optimized HEK293 or CHO mammalian cell expression platforms:better glycosylation and post-translational modifications
Multiple purification methods:
Protein A/G/L affinity purification
Anion and cation exchange chromatography
Size Exclusion Chromatography Column (SEC)
Powerful QC analysis:SEC-HPLC, MS, activity assay, endotoxin test, glycosylation analysis, etc.

Bispecific Antibody Production Service Items

Description Timeline Deliverables
Gene synthesis and codon optimization (optional) 1-2 weeks • Purified antibody
• SDS-PAGE data
• CoA
Vector construction 1-2 weeks
• Expression vector construction
• Plasmid sequencing
• Large scale plasmid production
Expression & purification 1-2 weeks
• Transient transfection of HEK293 / CHO cells
• Purify the antibody
• Polishing if needed
QC analysis 3 days
• Analysis by SDS-PAGE and UV
• Purity analysis by HPLC-SEC and endotoxin level analysis (optional)

In this bispecific antibody production service, please note that:

• Client needs to provide the antibody sequence or plasmid.
• A standard service includes: antibody concentration detected by A280 and purity evaluated by SDS-PAGE. If other detection services such as SEC-HPLC and endotoxin level test are required, please indicate it in the request form.