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Antibody VL & VH Gene Cloning Service

Antibody VH & VL Gene Cloning Service Description

In many cases, one often need to clone an antibody's Light and Heavy chain genes from a mouse or rabbit hybridoma cell line. For example, one may need to rescue a contaminated hybridoma cell line or an unstable hybridoma cell line for large scale antibody production. By cloning out the antibody's light and heavy chain genes, one could produce large quantities of the antibody by transient transfection technology or by stable CHO cell line. In development of therapeutic antibody candidate using the classical hybridoma technology, once a suitable antibody is obtained, one would need to humanize the antibody and develop a high-yield stable cell line for commercialization, and hence cloning the antibody's H and L chain genes out from the original hybridoma cell line becomes a must-do task.

Cloning out a monoclonal antibody VH and VL genes from hybridoma cells can be straight forward but sometimes can be challenging as well. In many cases, the hybridoma cells may not be a true clone and hence one could clone out multiple VH and VL genes. In some cases, the hybridoma cell may ......... <Learn More>

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