Anti-idiotype Antibody Development Service

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Anti-idiotype Antibody Development Service Features

Anti-idiotype antibody is the anti-antibody aiming at group-specific antigen epitope (called idiotype) of the V region of the antibody molecule. Anti-idiotype antibody has a "internal image" relationship with determinant molecules of the original antigen, which simulates the role of antigenic structure and function. Anti-idiotype antibody plays an important role in biopharmaceutical discovery and development, including vaccine production, pharmacokinetic assays, and immunogenicity assays.

Sino Biological has an optimized hybridoma technology for production of mouse monoclonal antibody and proprietary rabbit monoclonal antibody technology. Sino Biological can provide paired detection antibody services that screen both free antibodies and total antibody drugs. and it can also offer you with exclusive anti-idiotypic antibody preparation service.

Anti-idiotype Antibody Development Service Hightlights

Multiple species: mouse, rabbit, etc.
Opitimized mouse hybridoma technology: higher fusion efficiency
Serum-free hybridoma cell culture technology
Proprietary rabbit monoclonal antibody technology: larger library size and higher affinity
High-throughput antibody expression and screening technology

Anti-idiotype Antibody Development Service Items

Description Deliverables Antigen Timeline
Mouse monoclonal antibody preparation(Opitimized hybridoma technology) • hybridoma cells
• purified antibodies and reports
• Client can provide enough qualified antibodies as immunogens
• Client can also provide antibody sequence for Sino Biological to express
4-6 months
Rabbit monoclonal antibody preparation (Proprietary antibody library technology) • vectors containing the HC and LC gene of antibodies
• purified antibodies and reports
Elisa Kit or HRP/Biotin conjugated matched antibody pairs (Optional)