Alpha 2 Antiplasmin ELISA Kit, Mouse

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All Alpha 2 Antiplasmin Reagents
Alpha 2 Antiplasmin ELISA Kit, Mouse General Information
Product name
Alpha 2 Antiplasmin ELISA Kit, Mouse
Assay type
Solid Phase Sandwich ELISA (quantitative)
Sample type
7.6 pg/mL
Assay range
15.63-1000 pg/mL
Recognizes both recombinant and natural Mouse Alpha 2 Antiplasmin
  Intra-assay Precision
Sample 1 2 3
N 20 20 20
Mean(pg/mL) 208.85 457.44 890.73
SD 7.68 15.54 36.21
CV(%) 3.7% 3.4% 4.1%
  Inter-assay Precision
Sample 1 2 3
N 20 20 20
Mean(pg/mL) 208.42 408.74 825.67
SD 7.32 33.20 45.36
CV(%) 3.5% 8.1% 5.5%
The recovery of Mouse SerpinF2 spiked to different levels throughout the range of the assay in related matrices was evaluated.
Sample Average % Recovery Range
serum (n=3) 89 83 -95%
  Recovery of detected
1:2 80%
1:4 99%
1:8 100%
1:16 101%
Materials provided
1. 96 well microplate coated with Capture Antibody
2. Detection Antibody conjugated to HRP
3. Standards
4. Wash Buffer Concentrate
5. Dilution Buffer Concentrate
6. Color Reagent A
7. Color Reagent B
8. Stop Solution
Product overview
This Alpha 2 Antiplasmin ELISA Kit, Mouse is an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the quantitative measurement of Mouse Alpha 2 Antiplasmin protein in Serum . It contains recombinant Mouse Alpha 2 Antiplasmin, and antibodies raised against the recombinant protein. This ELISA kit is complete and ready-to-use.
This ELISA Kit is shipped at ambient temperature.
Unopened Kit: Store at 2 - 8℃
Opened/Reconstituted Reagents: Please refer to CoA
Alpha 2 Antiplasmin ELISA Kit, Mouse Images
Mouse SerpinF2 ELISA Kit Standard Curve 129
This standard curve is only for demonstration purposes. A standard curve should be generated for each assay.
Mouse SerpinF2 ELISA Kit Specificity 170
This assay recognizes both recombinant and natural Mouse SERPINF2. The factors listed below were prepared at 50 ng/mL in dilution buffer and assayed for cross-reactivity. No cross-reactivity was observed.
Alpha 2 Antiplasmin ELISA Kit, Mouse Alternative Names
AI747498 ELISA Kit, Mouse;Pli ELISA Kit, Mouse;Serpimf2 ELISA Kit, Mouse
Alpha 2 Antiplasmin Background Information

SerpinF2, also known as alpha-2 antiplasmin (alpha-2 AP), is a member of the Serpin superfamily. SerpinF2 is the principal physiological inhibitor of serine protease plasmin, and as well as, an efficient inhibitor of trypsin and chymotrypsin. This protease is produced mainly by liver and kidney, and also expressed in muscle, intestine, central nervous system, and placenta also express this protein at a moderate level. It is indicated that Serpin F2 is a key regulator of plasmin-mediated proteolysis in these tissues. Alpha-2 AP is an unusual serpin in that it contains extensive N- and C-terminal sequences flanking the serpin domain. The N-terminal sequence is crosslinked to fibrin by factor XIIIa, whereas the C-terminal region mediates the initial interaction with plasmin. SerpinF2 is one of the inhibitors of fibrinolysis, which acts as the primary inhibitor of plasmin(ogen). It is a specific plasmin inhibitor, and is important in modulating the effectiveness and persistence of fibrin with respect to its susceptibility to digestion and removal by plasmin. Alpha-2 AP plays the dominant role in inhibiting both plasma clot lysis and thrombus lysis, and accordingly, the congenital deficiency of Alpha-2 antiplasmin causes a rare bleeding disorder because of increased fibrinolysis. Thus, it may be a useful target for developing more effective treatment of thrombotic diseases.

Full Name
serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade F, member 2
  • Lee KN, et al. (2004) Alpha2-antiplasmin: potential therapeutic roles in fibrin survival and removal. Curr Med Chem Cardiovasc Hematol Agents. 2(4): 303-10.
  • Matsuno H. (2006) Alpha2-antiplasmin on cardiovascular diseases. Curr Pharm Des. 12(7): 841-7.
  • Burnouf T, et al. (2007) Impact of Triton X-100 on alpha 2-antiplasmin (SERPINF2) activity in solvent/detergent-treated plasma. Biologicals. 35(4): 349-53.
  • Carpenter SL, et al. (2008) Alpha2-antiplasmin and its deficiency: fibrinolysis out of balance. Haemophilia. 14(6): 1250-4.
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