Mab Gene Cloning from Hybridoma

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Starting Materials:

Live Mouse/Rat/Rabbit Hybridoma Cells provided by Customer or RNA extracted from live hybridoma cells


Cloned antibody Variable Genes (VL & VH) from hybridoma cells


PCR & Gene Sequencing


Mouse, Rat, or Rabbit Hybridoma Cells

Typical Timeline:

2-3 weeks


Antibody Engineering (Chimerization, Humanization)
Recombinant Monoclonal Antibody Production
Rescuing a contaminated hybridoma cell line
Antibody Production from unstable hybridoma cell line
Increase Antibody Yield from low producing hybridoma cells


Antibody Polishing Services

•   High Monomer Purity Antibody Production

•   Low Endotoxin Antibody Production

•   Low Endotoxin and High Monomer Purity Antibody Production

Antibody Fragment Production Services

•   ScFv Antibody Fragment Production

•   Fab Antibody Production

Antibody Engineering Services

•   Chimeric Antibody Engineering Services

•   Antibody Humanization Engineering Services

•   Antibody Affinity Maturation Engineering Services

Other Antibody Production Related Services

•   Antibody Gene Synthesis

•   Antibody Gene Codon Optimization


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UK, pharma company: We have assayed the material we purchased (PDB4B2), it is active and shows the expected pharmacology. In fact it is so active that we currently do not need any further material.