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    CLIC1 Background

    Members of the CLIC family are largely soluble proteins that possess the intriguing property of spontaneous insertion into phospholipid bilayers to form integral membrane ion channels. Chloride intracellular channel 1 (CLIC1), a newly discovered member of the chloride channel protein family, has been implicated in multiple human cancers. CLIC1 is a Chloride Intracellular Ion Channel protein that exists either in a soluble state in the cytoplasm or as a membrane bound protein. CLIC1 acts as a putative oncogene in pancreatic cancer and may represent a novel diagnostic and therapeutic target for pancreatic cancer. Intracellular chloride channel protein 1 (CLIC1) participates in inflammatory processes by regulating macrophage phagosomal functions such as pH and proteolysis. CLIC1 is a novel therapeutic target to help reduce the adaptive immune response in autoimmune diseases. The expression of CLIC1 might be closely related to the carcinogenesis, clinical biological behaviors, and prognosis of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinomas. Intracellular chloride channel 1 (CLIC1), a novel metamorphic protein, acts as a sensor of cell oxidation and is involved in inflammation.

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