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CD19 抗體 (FITC), 鼠單抗

  • CD19 Antibody, Mouse MAb, Flow Cytometry
 CD19 抗體產品資訊
免疫原:Recombinant Human CD19 Protein (Catalog#11880-H08H)
Clone ID:17
Ig類型:Mouse IgG1
濃度:10 μl/Test, 0.1 mg/ml
緩衝液:Aqueous solution containing 0.5% BSA and 0.09% sodium azide
抗體製備方法:This antibody was produced from a hybridoma resulting from the fusion of a mouse myeloma with B cells obtained from a mouse immunized with purified, recombinant Human CD19 (rh CD19; Catalog#11880-H08H; P15391; Met1-Lys291) and conjugated with FITC under optimum conditions, the unreacted FITC was removed.
 CD19 Antibody FC Application Image
CD19 Antibody, Mouse MAb, Flow Cytometry
Flow cytometric analysis of Human CD19 expression on human whole blood lymphocytes. Cells were stained with FITC-conjugated anti-Human CD19 and PE-conjugated anti-Human CD3. The fluorescence histograms were derived from gated events with the forward and side light-scatter characteristics of viable lymphocytes.
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CD19 研究背景

The cluster of differentiation (CD) system is commonly used as cell markers in immunophynotyping. Different kinds of cells in the immune system can be identified through the surface CD molecules which associating with the immune function of the cell. There are more than 320 CD unique clusters and subclusters have been identified. Some of the CD molecules serve as receptors or ligands important to the cell through initiating a signal cascade which then alter the behavior of the cell. Some CD proteins do not take part in cell signal process but have other functions such as cell adhesion. Cluster of differentiation 19 (CD19) is a member of CD system. CD19 is a cell surface molecule that assembles with the antigen receptor of B-cells. This results in a descent in threshold for antigen receptor-dependent stimulation. A simplified view holds that the ability of B-cells to respond to the various antigens in a specific and sensitive manner is achieved in the presence of low-affinity antigen receptors. CD19 primarily acts as a B-cell coreceptor in conjunction with CD21 and CD81. The formation of the receptor complex is induced by antigen and CD19, induced by exogenous antigen, has been found cytoplasmic tail phosphorylated and bind to sIg.

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 CD19 參考資料
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